Schemathesis: property-based testing for API schemas

Photo by Chris Keats on Unsplash

Many companies have moved from monoliths to microservices for better scalability and faster development cycles and so have we at We still have monolithic applications, however they are melting away over time and a swarm of shiny microservices is gradually replacing them.

These new microservices use Open API schemas to declare their contracts and be explicit in their expectations. Schemas give a lot of benefits like auto-generated clients, interactive documentation and they help to control how applications interact with each other.

Inter-service communication gets more challenging when the number of participants grows and in this article, I would like to share my thoughts on the problems of using schemas in web applications and outline some ways that we can fight against them.

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Insert everything at once: A short story about CTE

Common Table Expressions is a powerful feature that came with SQL:1999. It allows users to specify auxiliary statements to be used in a larger query. I'll share a few thoughts about its data-modifying version since it allows you to do many things within a single query.

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