Schemathesis progress report

Photo by tommy boudreau on Unsplash

Its been slightly more than a year since I started working on Schemathesis, and in this article, I want to give a summary of what we accomplished during this year and what you can expect from this project in the future.

Target audience: People curious about effective ways to test web APIs and willing to spend less time writing tests.

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Rust for a Pythonista #3: Python bindings

Sometimes we need to extend existing Python projects with other languages to solve performance issues or to include some functionality already written in another language. In this chapter, we will create a full-featured Python integration for a Rust crate we built in the previous article. As the primary goal, I want to focus on a pleasant end-user experience and share tips on improving the usability and debuggability of the resulting library.


Target audience: People who are looking for ways to connect existing Rust code with Python. Some general knowledge of Rust syntax would be useful.

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